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Cream of the Crop

The Printworks helped the people of Manchester to get their five a day this summer with the launch of a new vegetable bag scheme. Potatoes, strawberries, peas, spring onions, rhubarb and more have been cultivated in the rooftop patch and The Printworks wanted to get Mancunians tasting their produce!

40 bags packed full of produce from the garden were given away to lucky competition winners and to further support local growers the bags were pimped up with a selection of additional local produce from farms in the region thanks to family owned and operated fresh produce distributor R Noone & Son.


Fred Booth, The Printworks Centre Director, said: “Finding fresh, locally-sourced fruit and veg isn’t always the easiest thing to do in Manchester city centre, therefore, we’re delighted with how the fruit and vegetables have turned out.”

Fred added: ”We, alongside our rooftop helpers from the Manchester Cathedral Volition team, have been taking great care to make sure the produce is of good quality and we’re confident people will really enjoy it.”


In a further act of kindness, the centre has announced all left over produce will be given to The Booths Centre to help feed the homeless. “It is nice to be able to help feed the homeless people of the city with some fresh food, when they may find it hard to come by on their own.” Thank you to all the competition winners who decided to donate their bag to The Booth Centre rather than collecting for their own gains. There are some lovely, kind people in our City!


Over the past four years The Printworks’ rooftop garden has grown everything from lettuce to strawberries, beetroot to potatoes, and mint to radish, and even boasts a beetle hotel and bee-hives.

As well as housing creepy-crawlies and fauna, the project has also seen thousands of pounds raised for homeless charity The Booth Centre and community supporters Forever Manchester, through the sale of the limited edition honey from Bez’s beehives.

The project, which is also a collaboration with the Hard Rock Cafe, has so far seen two yields of honey with labels designed by the artist ‘Mancsy’, with some going for as much as £75 to keen collectors and over £1,000 donated to both The Booth Centre and Forever Manchester.

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