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The Scienceworks!

This event is on 27th Oct 2017 at

We are very excited to be teaming up with the Museum of Science and Industry to take part in the Manchester Science Festival this October!

Fancy making an origami bouquet to help feed a bee, or make a hot air balloon float with household ingredients? Join us for a different dose of fun every day at The Scienceworks. Discover why The Printworks sits on the old Balloon Lane, why bees are so important in our environment, make your own 7-second video, the powers of potatoes and the science behind a good ole game of football.


The Scienceworks will feature a different event on each day of the week:

Monday 23 October

To celebrate The Printworks’ address on the old Balloon Lane, the first day of The Scienceworks will feature the science of balloons and honour the work of James Sadler, the the first English Aeronaut.


Tuesday 24 October

There’ll be a real buzz as visitors help make origami flowers to create a slow drip of honey into the Beespoon – a small copper spoon representing the amount of honey a single bee can produce during her lifetime. This event is in collaboration with the University of Lancaster.


Wednesday 25 October

We will work with FunFlip to take a short 7-second video and we’ll transform this into your very own analogue video that you can take home with you (an even fit in your pocket)!


Thursday 26 October

Can you make a battery with a potato? Local social enterprise Sow the City will be at the Printworks showing you how to do exactly that and use it to power an LED light. Learn about the power of vegetables from the experts and find out how you can grow your own veg too.

The Printworks prides itself on being a ‘green’ site and has many practices in place like glass and cardboard recycling as well as changing all their lights to LED’s. Sow the City will show children how you can light up an LED using potatoes or tomatoes from our rooftop garden! Can you guess how many potatoes would be needed to light up the Printworks?!


Friday 27 October 

Physiotherapist onsite to discuss sport and fitness with the public. They will take a look at the injuries in the 2016/17 Premiership season, cost of injuries, days lost per injury (facts and posters). There will also be some facts on football related world records, mini quiz’s and football challenges.  John Farnworth – doing football tricks and freestyle where a Nuffield rep will talk about the joints and muscles John needs to perform. Children will get to make their own hinge joint to see how this works.

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