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A Dog’s Journey (PG) (SCENE)

Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad) is a special dog – his soul carries on beyond a regular canine lifetime, travelling from body to body. But every time he’s born as a new dog, he always works his way back to his original owner, Ethan (Dennis Quaid).

As Bailey grows old, Ethan introduces him to his new granddaughter, CJ, and the pair hit it off straight away, having plenty of fun together. But soon enough, CJ’s mother (Betty Gilpin) takes her far away, which breaks Bailey’s heart. It isn’t long before the ailing Bailey can’t continue any longer, and he passes away.

When he wakes up a few years later, Bailey realises he has been born again as a young pup. The young CJ (Abby Ryder Fortson) has grown older, but Bailey still feels the same connection to his dear friend.

As CJ (Kathryn Prescott) grows up, Bailey takes on many forms and has many lifetimes, but he always manages to come back to her, protecting her and making sure he’s there exactly when she needs him.

This heart-warming tale of adventure is perfect for all the family, and stars Kathryn Prescott (Dude, Finding Carter), Betty Gilpin (Isn’t it Romantic, Future ’38, GLOW), Josh Gad (Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, The Angry Birds Movie) and Dennis Quad (The Pretenders, The Day After Tomorrow, In Good Company).

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