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Bad Times At The El Royale (15)

Set in 1969, seven strangers meet at a dilapidated hotel known as “El Royale” on the border of California and Nevada. But things are far from ordinary. Suspicions arise when the bellhop (Lewis Pullman) warns a priest (Jeff Bridges) looking to stay the night not to be there.
Over the course of one fateful night, everyone is given a chance to share whatever secret they’ve been desperately trying to hide, before everything goes horribly wrong. What follows next is murder, a robbery, a hostage, and revelations that leave the guests feeling vulnerable and more than a little anxious…
Bad Times at the El Royale is a compelling crime mystery thriller, written and directed by Drew Goddard, Oscar-screen nominated screenwriter of The Martian and the director of The Cabin in the Woods.
The film features an incredible line-up including Dakota Johnson (The Social Network), Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski), and Nick Offerman (Battle of the Sexes).

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Monday 5th November

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