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Boy Erased (15)

Being gay in small town America can be tough. But being the gay son of a Baptist pastor in small town America is almost impossible. Which is why Jared (Lucas Hedges) has spent his entire life fighting against it.

But you can’t run away from who you are forever.

When Jared’s parents find out he’s gay, they give him two options: he can attend conversion therapy that will ‘fix’ him, or they will disown him.

Rejected by his family, friends, and the community he grew up in, Jared agrees to attend The Refuge Program, which promises to teach young men how to reject the ‘demons’ within them.

“Jared, God will not love you the way that you are.”

As he struggles to adhere to the strict teachings of the program, Jared begins to question the very foundation of his upbringing. With each passing day, he drifts further from the morals he’s always trusted. In the end, he must decide how much of himself he is willing to sacrifice in order to win acceptance from his parents – but finding a way out seems impossible.

Based on Gerrard Conley’s acclaimed memoir, Boy Erased is written and directed by Joel Edgerton (Loving), who also stars as Victor Sykes, the program’s head therapist. Academy Award Nominee Lucas Hedges (Manchester By The Sea) stars, alongside Academy Award Winners Nicole Kidman (The Beguiled) and Russell Crowe (The Mummy).

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