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Escape Room (15) (SCENE)

Dissatisfied with life, stuck in the comfort zone, hung up with the practicalities of adulthood… six people with different problems find they have more in common than they might have thought possible when they all receive a mysterious package one day…
Each package contains an unusual puzzle box which, once solved, invites them to try out a brand new escape room experience. Curious, competitive, or just trying to get out of a rut, the six attend a welcome meeting to learn that they have the chance to win a million dollars… Oh, and the game has already begun.
Excited at the chance to win such a life-changing sum of money, they work to solve the room. But suddenly things take a turn from the whimsical to the horrific as the room grows hot… Burning hot.
The six soon realise that whoever is behind the room’s design has a sinister motive, and the losers won’t be walking away empty handed – because they won’t walk away at all.
As they desperately progress through the puzzles, it becomes clear that the mastermind has been watching each of them closely and identified exactly what each person’s greatest weakness is. But can the group work together to escape – or will the rooms prove to be their final resting place?
Escape Room is directed by horror aficionado Adam Robitel (Insidious: Hidden Key) and stars Deborah Ann Woll (Netflix’s The Punisher and Daredevil), Taylor Russell (Before I Fall) and Logan Miller (Love, Simon).

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