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Gemini Man (12A) (SCENE)

After an illustrious career, long-standing hitman Henry Brogan (Will Smith) has finally decided to call time on his killing days. 
However, unbeknownst to him, there are people out there with sinister intentions for the aging hitman. One is an elite operative who can move and think just as the aging Henry does: his clone.
If he has any chance of starting a new life, Henry must discover why his replica was sent and work out how to his defeat younger, quicker, and fitter doppelganger before it’s too late.
Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), Will Smith (Bright, Men in Black, Suicide Squad), and Clive Owen (Closer, Children of Men, Inside Man), this innovative science fiction action thriller is directed by Academy Award winner Ang Lee (Life of Pi, Brokeback Mountain) and co-written by David Benioff (Game of Thrones, X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

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Monday 18th November
Wednesday 20th November
Thursday 21st November

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