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Happy Death Day 2U (15) (SCENE)

Two years have passed since Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) uncovered her killer and escaped the murderous time loop. She’s living happily with her boyfriend Carter (Israel Broussard) and life couldn’t be better. But it seems things are too good to be true…
The couple’s friend, Ryan (Phi Vu), is suddenly flustered and confused, claiming to be experiencing déjà vu, as though he has lived this day before. And Tree knows exactly what’s going on…
Upon learning the frightening truth about the return of the fatal time loop and a new masked killer, Tree is desperate to find out more about who has been dragged into the nightmare and how she can put a stop to it once and for all.
This time round, though, with all her friends involved, it’s going to be a much taller task…
Tree must sacrifice herself time after time to keep each of her friends alive – but she knows that any death could be her last.
Happy Death Day 2U follows on directly from its prequel, which received critical and box office acclaim, with Jessica Rothe (Juveniles), Israel Broussard (Extinction), and Phi Vu (Logan) reprising their roles.

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