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Hustlers (TBC) (SCENE)

Experienced stripper Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) is beginning to grow tired of dancing for the animalistic Wall Street high rollers who don’t care about the real hardworking New Yorkers.

One day, she decides to turn the tables on the Manhattan millionaires who swing by, swindling them out of more and more money by feeding them intoxicating levels of alcohol.

So, when she comes across young stripper Destiny (Constance Wu), who just wants to make a little extra money to help support her grandmother, she spots an opportunity to expand. Listening to Destiny’s frustrations with the corrupt industry, Ramona offers her the chance to join in on the scheme.

Teaching Destiny the manipulative tricks of the trade, the operation soon grows as more entrepreneurial strippers are brought on board, including Diamond (Cardi B), Annabelle (Lili Reinhart), and Mercedes (Keke Palmer).

But as the con grows, the stakes get higher, and things soon begin to spiral out of control as the police start to probe and question their illicit underworld activity.

With each of the girls facing questioning, can they trust each other to remain strong under the interrogation light?
Rapper Cardi B makes her feature debut alongside Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians, Fresh Off the Boat, All the Creatures Were Stirring), and Jennifer Lopez (Second Act, The Boy Next Door, Maid in Manhattan) in this true story inspired by Jessica Pressler’s viral 2016 magazine article, The Hustlers at Scores.

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Wednesday 27th November

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