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Johnny English Strikes Again (PG) (SCENE)

Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is semi-retired. Teaching children at a prep-school and imparting years of spy knowledge to Britain’s future best and brightest, Johnny can’t help but long for his action days.
Luck strikes when Johnny is summoned to MI7 – but not for a natter about old times. The service has been hacked, with every secret agent’s location and mission revealed to the public. The whole organisation is in jeopardy, and with every working agent unable to serve, there’s only one solution: Johnny has to come out of retirement.
Working with his assistant, Angus Bough (Ben Miller), Johnny travels to far-reaching and exotic locations to bring down those responsible for the hack, using analogue methods in a digital world. Can this old school spy find victory against those who use technology for their own gains?
Rowan Atkinson, the beloved comedy genius behind Mr Bean and Blackadder, returns to his role as Johnny English, seven years since the last film in the franchise.
Atkinson is joined by Emma Thompson (The Children Act, Beauty and the Beast), Olga Kurylenko (The Death of Stalin) and Ben Miller (Paddington 3), in a family comedy that delivers plenty of action – and even more laughs.

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