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Ready or Not (18) (SCENE)

After marrying the man of her dreams, Grace (Samara Weaving) is delighted to finally be a part of the ludicrously wealthy Le Domas family. Celebrating the perfect day, the young bride has never been happier.

However, there’s still one last thing to attend to, as her new husband, Alex (Mark O’Brien), informs her of an unusual age-old tradition whereby each new family member must first choose a game to be played before they can truly be welcomed.
Choosing to play hide-and-seek, Grace hurriedly scurries off to find a good hiding spot, anxious to engage in the innocent evening of bonding with her new family.

However, as the night progresses, it horrifies Grace to learn that she has unwittingly stumbled into a murderous version of the classic game. Part of something much more sinister, Grace realises that she’s the prey in a family-wide hunt, with each of her in-laws fighting to kill the young bride.

This is a game of hide-and-seek like no other. If she can only last until morning, Grace might just make it out alive.

Samara Weaving (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), Andie MacDowell (Only the Brave, Four Weddings and a Funeral), and Mark O’Brien (Goalie, Bad Times at the El Royale) star in this mysteriously and chilling thriller that brings a whole new meaning to family game night.

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Tuesday 22nd October
Thursday 24th October

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