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Seberg (15)

It’s the 1960s and American actress Jean Seberg (Kristen Stewart) has become an icon of French New Wave cinema thanks to her performance in Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless. But, while her film career is blossoming, things are less than rosy in her US homeland.

The Vietnam War has the country divided, amplified further by the civil rights movement which is causing dangerous conflict across the USA.

Eager to use her fame and fortune for good, Seberg begins speaking out for minority groups and openly supports the controversial Black Panther Party.

When she becomes romantically involved with fellow activist Akim Jamal (Anthony Mackie) the FBI attempts to tarnish her reputation as a Hollywood golden girl.

As the onslaught of harassment begins to take its toll, Seberg finds herself unravelling and must fight hard to maintain her sanity while fighting for the causes closest to her heart.

Directed by Benedict Andrews (Una, National Theatre Live: A Streetcar Named Desire), Seberg is a politically-charged thriller based on the tragic true story of an icon of the flower power generation. Kristen Stewart (Charlie’s Angels, Still Alice, Twilight) stars as Jean Seberg, while Anthony Mackie (Avengers: Endgame, The Hurt Locker, Notorious) provides strong support as activist Hakim Jamal and Vince Vaughn (Fighting With My Family, Hacksaw Ridge, True Detective) as FBI agent Carl Kowalski.

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