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Sorry We Missed You (15) (SCENE)

Since the financial crash of 2008, Ricky (Kris Hitchen) has had it tough trying to keep his family out of debt. After drifting between jobs over the years, Ricky sees an opportunity to take back some control over his life as a self-employed delivery driver.

Initially considering the fresh start as a chance at freedom, Ricky soon discovers the pressures and uncertainty of working in the gig economy. His wife Abbie (Debbie Honeywood), a carer on a zero-hours contract, is also struggling to make enough to get by and the pair’s inconsistent income stretches their resources.

All the while, their eldest son, Seb (Rhys Stone), regularly finds himself in trouble. Looking at his parents’ own financial struggles casts doubt on his own future, and he begins to question why he should be working hard at school if there are no prospects out there.

As work pulls the parents in different directions, and money worries mount up, can the family survive?

Kris Hitchen (Thick as Steves’), Debbie Honeywood (Vera), and newcomers Rhys Stone, and Katie Proctor star in this heart-wrenching drama about the problems of zero-hours contracts and the gig economy in Britain. Ken Loach (I, Daniel Blake) directs his latest film about the social injustices faced by ordinary people.

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