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The Corrupted (18) (SCENE)

Talented boxer Liam (Sam Clafin) wants to start fresh. Having been released from prison, where he served a sentence for armed robbery, Liam wants to focus all his energy on his young son and his ex, Grace (Naomi Ackie).

But although the area he calls home, Stratford in East London, was home to all the hope and positivity of the 2012 Olympic Games, it’s also the base of operations for a local crime syndicate run by property developer Clifford Cullen (Timothy Spall).

Unfortunately, Liam’s brother is in deep with Cullen’s gang. Wanting to rescue Sean (Joe Clafin) from the same fate he experienced, Liam must act. But when people know things they shouldn’t, and there’s police corruption and murder to contend with, it’s a very dangerous prospect. Who can Liam trust?

Sam Clafin (Adrift), Naomi Ackie (Yardie), and the BAFTA-nominated Timothy Spall (Early Man), are part of an all-star cast that includes Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey) and Noel Clarke (Mute) in this thriller directed by Ron Scalpello (My Name Is Lenny) that’s based on true events.

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