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The Girl In The Spider’s Web (15) (SCENE)

The CEO who beat up two prostitutes but was acquitted in court doesn’t seem to be afraid of anyone.

But he should be afraid of Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy).

A sophisticated hacker and expert at all things revenge, Lisbeth finds ways to make abusers regret every single bad decision they’ve made – and prevents them from ever making the same mistakes again.

The righter of wrongs. The girl who hurts men who hurt women. She’s admired and feared in equal measures.

But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t made mistakes of her own.

When Lisbeth and journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Sverrir Gudnason) are drawn into a twisted mess of corruption, cybercrime, and espionage, things begin to get complicated. Figures from Lisbeth’s past creep into the mix, and she’s forced to confront the skeletons that spill out of the closet.

“You can’t outrun your own shadow.”

Directed by Fede Alvarez (Don’t Breathe), The Girl in the Spider’s Web is based on the hit novel of the same name, written by David Lagercrantz. In another strand of the Millennium series, Claire Foy (The Crown) stars as the relentless Lisbeth Salander, alongside Sverrir Gudnason (Borg McEnroe) as Mikael Blomkvist. Sylvia Hoeks (Blade Runner 2049) and Lakeith Stanfield (Get Out) also feature.

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