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The Strangers: Prey at Night (15)

Mike (Martin Henderson) and Cindy (Christina Hendricks) take their children, Luke (Lewis Pullman) and Kinsey (Bailee Madison), on a family trip to see their aunt and uncle to spend time together before Kinsey leaves for boarding school.

They arrive at the mobile home park to find the place unusually deserted, with their relatives nowhere to be seen. They settle into their trailer regardless, until they are disturbed by a heart-pounding knock on the door.

It turns out they’re not alone after all. Hiding in the shadows are three masked psychopaths with only one thing on their agenda: cold-blooded murder. What follows next is a horrifying sequence of events with scenes that leave the family fighting hopelessly for their lives. Will any of them be able to make it out alive?

Johannes Roberts (47 Metres Down) directs this chilling horror, inspired by the 2008 box office hit, The Strangers. The film is loosely based on true events and stars a host of familiar faces including Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Bailee Madison (Bridge to Terabithia) and Emma Bellomy (Before the Dark).

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Wednesday 13th June
Thursday 14th June

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