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The Upside (12A) (SCENE)

Dell (Kevin Hart) is an ex-con, on the hunt for a job. Phillip (Bryan Cranston) is a billionaire quadriplegic, looking for a carer. The two men couldn’t be more different – which is why everyone is surprised when Phillip hires Dell as his full-time aid.
At first, Phillip’s assistant Yvonne (Nicole Kidman) objects, worried that Dell isn’t responsible or experienced enough for the role – which is exactly what Phillip wants.
Depressed and tired of his limited existence, he’s looking for a way to rebel against the circumstances he’s stuck in – and Dell is the perfect solution.
Blunt, sarcastic, and a little rough around the edges, Dell is trying to find a way to turn his life around so he can earn back the trust of his ex-girlfriend (Aja Naomi King) and be part of his son’s (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) life again.
The two men clash in a series of hilarious and heart-wrenching ways, forcing each other to open up to things they’ve never experienced including opera, hot dogs, and Aretha Franklin… An unlikely friendship begins to grow and they help each other grow stronger in unexpected ways and begin to face realities that they were previously unwilling to accept.
A remake of 2011 French film Intouchables, which was inspired by real life relationship between Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his carer Abdel Sellou, The Upside is directed by Niel Burger (Divergent) and stars Bryan Cranston (Last Flag Flying), Kevin Hart (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle), and Nicole Kidman (The Beguiled).

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