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The White Storm – Drug Lords

One of Hong Kong’s richest men, Tin (Andy Lau), has assembled his wealth through philanthropy, determined to stamp out drug crime. But before he made his millions, he was a sworn member of the feared triads.

It was during his gang days that he met the cruel Jizo (Louis Koo), who aspired to become the city’s most notorious drug lord. Once brothers-in-arms, the pair’s relationship soured when Tin was forced to chop off one of his comrade’s fingers for dealing drugs, a crime prohibited by the gang.

The years since have only seen the bad blood increase between the two: as Tin achieved tycoon status, so did Jizo, who realised his dream of leading the drug trade in Hong Kong.

Deciding to finally put a stop to the drug-fuelled, city-wide madness, Tin declares an incredible HK$100m bounty on the head of the cartel chief, his former friend.

As violent battle erupts in the city’s underworld, those caught in the crossfire are faced with the increasingly obscured struggle of choosing between good and evil.

Starring Chrissie Chau (29+1), Andy Lau (Chasing the Dragon), and Louis Kou (Paradox), this exciting Chinese thriller is directed by Herman Yau (Shock Wave).

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