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Thugs Of Hindostan (TBC) (SCENE)

The East India Company came as traders but now rule India. Some like 'Azaad' choose a life of a rebel and face certain death if captured, rather than bow to a life of slavery. Others like 'Firangi' would sell their mother for a profit, their only master is money.

When Firangi is enlisted to deliver Azaad into the jaws of death by John Clive for the Company, Firangi sets out to pull off the biggest con of his life, facing his most worthy adversary yet.

Mounted on a massive scale Thugs of Hindostan is set in the early days of The British Raj and brings together two iconic superstars for the first time on the silver screen this Diwali festive season!

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Thugs Of Hindostan showings for this week

Sunday 9th December

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