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7 Uczuc

Sunday 4th November Book this film

A Simple Favour (SCENE)

Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) isn’t the sort of person you’d call ‘glamorous’. A mum vlogger, the excitement in her life comes vicariously through her best friend, Emily (Blake Lively).

Emily is everything Stephanie feels like she isn’t – glamourous, elegant, charming, alluring…

But everything changes when one day, Stephanie asks her for something.

“I need just a simple favour.”

Emily disappears and Stephanie is pulled into a twisted mystery. Alongside Emily’s husband, Sean (Henry Golding), she tries to peel apart the spider’s web and find out the truth.

Secrets, scandals, and sinister revelations spill out of the void. The more she searches, the further Stephanie seems to get from finding out the answer to the question everyone’s asking.

What happened to Emily?

Paul Feig (Ghostbusters: Answer the Call) directs this post-modern nod to film noir, which captures all the mystery and drama of the beloved genre through a new lens. Anna Kendrick (the Pitch Perfect franchise) stars as the average and frustrated Stephanie, alongside Blake Lively (The Shallows), Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians), and Linda Cardellini (Daddy’s Home 2).

Thursday 6th December Book this film

Action Point

Action Point theme park isn’t exactly glamorous, but it promises to deliver a fun afternoon out – and, potentially, a few bruises. Safety isn’t exactly a priority for D.C. (Johnny Knoxville), the park’s wacky owner. He’d rather see people having as much fun as possible, even if it means there’s something of a health risk.

“Those days were different – there weren’t so many rules…”

When his teenage daughter (Eleanor Worthington-Cox) comes to stay, D.C. can’t wait to show her just how great it is to have a theme park as the family business.

However, his visions of a perfect father-daughter visit are shattered when a slick new mega-park opens and threatens the future of Action Point.

There’s only one thing left to do – D.C. and his team of misfit friends set out to transform the theme park into a wild destination that exceeds the expectations of even the craziest thrill-seekers.

From the familiar faces of Jackass and Bad Grandpa, Action Point is a rollicking ride full of hilarious antics and cringe-worthy consequences, sure to have you laughing long after the credits roll. As always, the notorious Johnny Knoxville doesn’t shy away from risky and ridiculous stunts, which promise to deliver plenty of side-splitting moments.

Thursday 6th September Book this film

Adrift (SCENE)

On paper, it’s the romantic adventure of a lifetime – a man, a woman, and nothing but the open ocean.

But life always has other plans.

When Tami (Shailene Woodley) and her boyfriend Richard (Sam Claflin) are given the chance to sail a luxury boat halfway across the world, they see it as an incredible opportunity. After all, what could be better than cruising on a perfect blue sea with the love of your life by your side?

However, visions of perfection soon turn to terror when news filters through the scratchy speakers in the cabin of the boat – there’s a storm on the horizon, and they’re headed straight into the heart of it, with no time to turn back.

That storm develops into an historic hurricane, and its wrath is devastating. During the crippling onslaught wind, rain, and towering black waves, Tami is knocked unconscious and wakes to find the boat in ruins and Richard’s injured body in even worse condition.

Desperate to save the man she loves, yet more alone than ever before, Tami must look deep inside herself and find the strength to do the impossible – survive the sea.

Directed by Baltasar Kormákur (Everest, The Deep), this adventure-drama is based on the true story of Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp. Shailene Woodley (The Fault in our Stars, Snowden) stars as the woman who must overcome nature’s unfavourable odds, while Sam Claflin (My Cousin Rachel, Me Before You) plays the man she is desperate to save.

Thursday 30th August Book this film