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How to get your vintage on at The Printworks

The Printworks is looking forward to hosting its Easter Vintage Swing event… for the fourteenth time! So we thought we’d put together a handy list to get you ready to swing and jive with us this Easter Sunday!

If you don’t know much about the 1940s here is our top ten list of what was going on back then. Have a read, it’ll only take a jiffy (cough, cough…)


  1. You’d probably be called Margaret or Patricia if you were a girl or John (Jack), or David if you were a boy.
  2. For those of you that had £200 to spare you might have been seen driving a Singer Super Ten Saloon. For the rest of you… on yer bike!
  3. You’d be ‘blasting’ a George Formby song from your car…
  4. …on your way to Blackpool
  5. And you would have swam in the actual Irish sea! Brrr!
  6. Ladies wouldn’t have any dresses, dare we say it – above the knee! And gents (or gentlemen, in those days) would have been rockin’ some braces and a fedora. Very smart!
  7. If you were seeing someone you’d be telling people you were ‘going steady’.
  8. ‘Date night’ would be going to a dance and doing the lindyhop. There’d 100% be no twerking.
  9. Never mind an en-suite, the lavatory wouldn’t have even have been in the house!
  10. Despite it all, you’d be having a great time. Some say the post-war years were the best!


Now you know what was going on back in the 1940s, here are some ideas for you to fully immerse yourself in the whole vintage experience when you visit The Printworks for Vintage Swing on Easter Sunday.

1. Go to Frankie and Benny’s and have a soda float. This classic is a soda topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

soda float

2. Ladies, wear lots of red lippy, stockings with seams, and get practicing those Victoria Rolls! Mwah!

3. Gents, polish those shoes and dig out your best trilby.

4. Have a brew in Seven Stars – well because it is the most British thing to do isn’t it?

5. Get a picture with our Union Jack bunting, wave your ration card and shout ‘hoorah!’

6.You should probably go to Waxy O’Connor’s and enjoy a hearty stew, because that’s what they ate back then.








7. Have a pose with our cars!

photo cars







8. Go to the cinema to enjoy what was the classic wartime entertainment – but don’t forget to stand and sing the National Anthem first!

9. A gin old fashioned would have made you look quite the part. See how to make one from our ‘How-to’ video with rhubarb from grown on our rooftop. Very thrifty of us!

10. Have a dance! It wouldn’t be vintage swing without having a go at a swing dance or lindyhop. Don’t worry, we have a live band and tutors there to teach you the basic moves. Partners not required!


There are no excuses not to join us this Easter Sunday! Not only will we have a live band, dancing, vintage stalls, and vintage cars, but there will be an Easter egg hunt and face-painter for the children.

Come back in time with us!



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