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Raise the Rhuf Part Two

We have been growing an abundance of rhubarb on our renowned rooftop garden this year and what better way to put it to use than in a series of fruity cocktails?

In 2015 the harvested rhubarb was given to The Printworks’ tenant Waxy O’Connor’s, who made a rhubarb pie and donated to the complex’s chosen charity, The Booth Centre. This year, The Printworks teamed up with Hard Rock Cafe Manchester and together, decided to shake things up a little!

After calling upon Hard Rock Cafe’s master mixologist, Nathan Larkin,  a series of rhubarb cocktails were created and we can’t wait to share these with you!




We are going to tell you how to make the delicious Rhubarb Gin and Tonic. We thought we’d start with this one as it is so simple. This drink was enjoyed by all the guests and was a nice refreshing take on a classic Gin and Tonic. Nathan describes this drink as “a simple but effective twist on a Classic Gin and Tonic. Enjoy a crisp, refreshing take on a G&T including Rhubarb Syrup and topped with Rhubarb Foam.” Yum! The gorgeous pink of the rhubarb is clearly visible in this cocktail and looks the part!




To make this drink you will need to have some rhubarb syrup. You can see a recipe for this on our first blog post.

To then make the Gin and Tonic you’ll need:

37.5 or 50ml Gin

12.5 ml Rhubarb Syrup

Tonic Water


Stir all ingredients together, add to a glass, fill remainder of glass with tonic water and garnish with a slice of rhubarb. Easy!


Watch how the expert, Nathan, does it here:

There is also the option to add a rhubarb foam to top this cocktail. By doing this you simply need to whisk some egg whites, stir in some rhubarb syrup or rhubarb puree and gently spoon onto the top of the cocktail. Fancy!


We’d love to see your creations if you make this at home. Please tag us in your pictures @the_printworks @hardrockcafemcr #raisetherhuf

If you are visiting The Printworks make sure you pop into Hard Rock Cafe because for a limited time only the cafe will donate £1 from the sale of each cocktail to the Manchester Cathedral Volunteer Programme.


Keep an eye out for our third blog post where we will tell you how to make the hugely popular Rhubarb Crumble cocktail!


Printworks    hard-rock-cafe-colour


On 17 November we invited some of Manchester’s best bloggers to try the cocktails for themselves! We had a great time mingling and chatting with then and you can see what they thought of the event here:

Laura Kate Lucas


The Roaming Redhead


Proper Foodie


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