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Veganuary at The Printworks

The Veganuary campaign, encouraging people to try a vegan diet for the month most commonly associated with resolution and change, is under way, with a record 100,000 people signed up. One of the UK’s biggest food trends in 2018 is more and more vegan food available and more people trying out the eating regime.

With concerns over health, the planet and cruelty to animals at the forefront of people’s minds, the vegan diet has really taken off. Supermarkets and restaurants have taken the vegan diet very seriously and The Printworks has a range of eateries to cater to the vegan diet. Here is our handy guide to know what to order in our venues if trying Vegan is part of your 2018 January plan.


Clockwise: Nandos, wagamama, Prezzo, Seven Stars

wagamama – is the pick of the bunch with 29 plant-based food options – including kare burosu ramen, spicy yasai samla curry, and steamed gyoza. Also available to take-out providing you ring in advance. You can see their extensive menu here.


Nandos – There are quite a lot of options providing you specify what you do and don’t want. Order the veggie wrap/burger/pitta without the mayo, the quinoa salad without the feta cheese or the portobello mushroom without the halloumi.


Seven Stars, Wetherspoons – the Wetherspoons menu state that you can ask for loads of their dishes without animal product on. The curry is a good option if you swap the nan bread with a poppadom. Other vegan dishes include the onion Bhajis, samosas, pomodoro pasta and why don’t you swap the eggs for extra hash browns in the vegetarian breakfast.


Prezzo – Go for the Penne Arrabbiata, the Pappardelle or a pizza base, which is vegan, without cheese.


If you are kicking off 2018 with a vegan diet and you are looking to get fit then read our helpful guide by Nuffield Health Printwork’s personal trainer, Loren, here.

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