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Visitor Information

Our goal is to ensure that as soon as you enter The Printworks you feel safe and happy in our clean and well landscaped centre. We are open 24 hours a day, and as such we operate our cleaning and security operations around the clock, 365 days a year.



A dedicated in-house security team provides 24-hour security to the public areas of The Printworks. (Please note that security provision inside the tenants premises is controlled by the individual management of those venues).

In addition to our highly visible uniformed officers, CCTV cameras monitor areas of the centre from our Centre Operations Room. Our operations room is linked via radio to Manchester City Centre’s CCTV control room to ensure the safety of visitors to this area of Manchester.

Should you have any concerns during your visit please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our security team or a member of the management team.

First Aid and Assistance

Should you require first aid or assistance whilst in a unit within The Printworks please speak to the unit manager onsite. Should you require assistance whilst in the public areas of the scheme please speak to one of our highly visible uniformed officers. All our security officers are First-Aid trained.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) – Data protection statement

Images are being recorded within The Printworks for the purposes of preventing and detecting criminal activity, to assist in the maintenance of good standards of Health and Safety and to provide a possible source of information relating to incidents within the Centre.

The system forms an integral part of the Centre.

The Printworks retains the right to refuse admission to the Centre without prior notice.


Lost property

If you believe you have lost a personal item within one of The Printworks venues please contact them directly however if you believe it was misplaced in the public area please call 0161 829 8004.


Photography and Filming

Photography and filming is not permitted within the scheme without the written permission from the Centre Director. The Printworks security team may ask you to refrain from such activities. Please submit your request to

The Printworks employs photographers for specific events and also on a Friday and Saturday evening who operate in The Printworks Pump Yard area. These photographs are sometimes used for marketing purposes online and in print format. If you do not wish your image to be used please contact a member of staff and if you would like it removed from the website or social media please email us at



Being a City centre scheme surrounded by shopping centres, food outlets and residential areas brings its own unique challenges to our cleaning team. However, being within this environment is what makes our centre special, and we always want The Printworks to look its best!

In addition to their cleaning and security function, our teams are here to help you enjoy your visit. They take great pride in ensuring that you have a lovely experience, whilst providing a clean and secure environment.

If you spot anything that requires our attention please alert a member of the cleaning or security team.


Cash Machines

The Printworks has two cash machines in the scheme which are situated next to Yates bar and opposite Chiquito restaurant.


Entertainment and Facilities

The Printworks has a photo booth and experience simulator within the scheme. These are all managed by third party companies and The Printworks holds no responsibility for breakdown, damage, loss of money or accidents. We work closely with the companies to ensure these services are always in working order and are safe for our patrons to use. Should you wish to lodge a complaint please contact the relevant company as advertised.



There are numerous bars and nightclubs within The Printworks and we encourage all our patrons to drink responsibly and drink aware. If anybody feels they need assistance please speak with one of our security team.



For any questions relating to Vue Printworks please visit our FAQ section here.