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We are sorry that we cannot currently show a list of films that are scheduled at Vue Printworks however you will be able to see a full film list by clicking here.


Let us assist you in any questions you may have relating to Vue Printworks.


Can I make an advance booking to see a film?

The Printworks does not have the facility for you to make advance bookings on our site however you can do so by visiting the Vue page. Underneath the times available it will list whether the film is 2D, 3D IMAX or Scene allowing you to make your preferred booking. Vue only usually display films per week so you may have to click on the ‘coming soon’ tab to book any future dates.


Do I have to book or can I purchase a ticket on the day?

You do not necessarily need to book tickets in advance as you can purchase them at the box office on the day or use the automatic ticket machines. As the VUE within The Printworks is one of the larger multiplexes in the country there is often more than enough space. There are exceptions like special screenings or IMAX features  when we get exceptionally busy as films can sometimes only be shown in one auditorium. Therefore, for big blockbusters or popular films we recommend booking in advance as availability would likely be minimal on the day (for example Star Wars – historically, some shows sell out within 30 minutes of tickets going on sale).


When is the film schedule announced? 

Vue’s working week usually runs Thursday to Wednesday therefore their film schedule for the week ahead is usually only released on Thursdays. Vue usually only release their film schedule one week in advance and The Printworks is not able to find when future release dates will be shown or how long a film will be shown for. Vue may release this information in the ‘coming soon’ section.


Can I use my Meerkat code at Vue Printworks?

Vue Printworks accepts the Meerkat movie codes on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It is 2-4-1 on standard 2D films but you would still need to pay the additional premium on the second ticket for 3D, VIP and IMAX tickets. Eg. Standard ticket £5, IMAX ticket £10 and so you pay 1st ticket £10 and 2nd ticket £5.


Is there any other discount available?

Vue Printworks are currently advertising £4.99 tickets available all day, every day. They also do discounted tickets on Mondays. Therefore there is no additional discount available currently.


Do I need to bring I.D for any films?

If a film has a specific age rating the cinema team on shift  will determine whether to permit entry or not and may ask for formal identification. This will be in the form of a passport of driving license however, they may allow copies of ID before provided it is a high resolution copy showing clearly your photo, name and date of birth. This is purely down to the discretion of cinema staff on duty.


I would like to book an event at Vue Printworks or organise a school trip.

Please contact the Vue Cinemas events team at by sending them an email at or phoning 0345 300 2231


What are the seats like at Vue Printworks?

There are VIP seats in every auditorium and are effectively in the centre rows (apart from the IMAX which are at the back). They are slightly larger and better material than the standard seats but do not recline unfortunately. There is also a VIP area called The Scene which has 3 auditoriums. The seats in here are large sofa/arm-chair like seats but they are at the back of a larger auditorium directly above the standard seats. These also do not recline.


Are seats allocated?

Allocated seating is available for the majority of performances, if a performance offers allocate seating, you will be given the opportunity to select your seats on the second page of the booking process by selecting “allocate seats”. All other performances offer free seating, so you are able to choose your seat once you enter the auditorium. We advise you to arrive at least 20 minutes early during peak time periods.


I would like to make a complaint about my recent experience.

Please direct all feedback to the Vue team by following this link.I would like to make a complaint about my visit to Vue Printworks.


You can also visit the page here for any other FAQs that we may not have been able to answer. If you have any other questions or would like to make a booking please phone 0345 308 4620.

There is no direct number or email address for Vue Printworks. The Printworks management team are not in any way affiliated with Vue Printworks and are unlikely to be able to answer any questions you may have. Thank you.

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