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Want to get to the heart of a Brit family? Feed them.

Just don’t be part of the 28% who struggle to keep the kids entertained while waiting!

Brits love nothing more than a family meal out, a survey of over 1200 people has revealed. In fact, a huge 67% said that food is the key to having the perfect family day out.

The online survey was commissioned by leisure and entertainment complex, The Printworks in Manchester, in the lead up to the school summer holidays.

It seems it’s not always happiness and delicious dishes for all though, as the average family admits to spending just 8% of the entire year on family fun activities.

Maybe it’s the 28% of people who struggle to keep the kids entertained while they wait letting the side down? Or even the 32% of parents who are too nervous of breaking a healthy diet to take the kids out to eat!

With 64% of respondents spending approximately £50 on the monthly jaunts, the majority of families therefore only spend around £600 per year on their much-needed family time.

And it’s not even the arguments that are putting people off, as surprisingly only 5% said that work calls or emails actually get in the way of excursions, with 50% actually saying they never, ever have any fallings out. Harmony!

Fred Booth, Centre Director at The Printworks, said:

“We know from our customers how important family time is and we think people should definitely be making more time for each other. We welcome in around 8 million guests a year, a large proportion of which are families who will visit restaurants such as Frankie and Benny’s, Chiquito and Hard Rock Cafe, as well as Vue. Our tenants especially are always ready to welcome them in with brilliant offers, so there really should be no excuse!”

When families do get themselves together, a hearty meal, a spot of outdoor play or a trip to the cinema are the top 3 favourite ways to spend their time.

And it’s no surprise that it’s the Mum’s who pull through and plan the outing most, with a huge 78%!

Top 5 family days out:

  • Eating Out – 67%
  • Outdoor Play – 13%
  • Cinema – 12%
  • Zoo – 5%
  • Theme Park – 2%

Top 5 elements of a perfect day out:

  • Good food
  • Good company
  • Switching off from work
  • No arguing
  • Short travelling time
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